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Do You Know the Difference Between Semi-, Demi-, and Permanent Hair-color?

Hair coloring has become even more popular in the beauty industry and we now have plenty of hair coloring choices. Having a basic understanding of what options are available will help you out in the future to decide which is best for your situation. Semi-permanent color is great for someone who is not wanting to go lighter but wants to add a shine or change the tone or depth of the color without the commitment. This color is mixed with an activator and it only penetrates into the first layer of the hair cuticle and deposits the color there. It slowly fades out after 6 to 8 week after. Demi permanent color is almost exactly the same as Semi permanent as it doesn't typically lift the natural color. The only difference is that the molecules are smaller so they go deeper than just the first layer of the hair cuticle and go into the cortex. This makes the color last longer and is better for covering up grey hair, although, it ends up fading over time because of the smaller molecules escaping through the cuticle with washing and styling. Permanent hair-color's name comes about because when the color is mixed with developer it penetrates into the deepest layer of the hair shaft and gets locked into it. The hair keeps the color in longer, leaving a permanent change to the original color even after the color fades away. Making this option will have the most maintenance since you will be able to notice when the roots begin to grow out. However, it also gives you the option of going lighter than your natural color. These are the basic options when exploring the wonderful world of changing your hair color.

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