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My Time at the ABS Show 2016

Americas Beauty Show was so exciting this year! I saw a lot of new trends that has everyone inspired and interpreting the ideas by making it their own. One of the coolest things was that everyone seemed to have embodied and embraced a version of owning your individuality and becoming your own superhero.

The hair color ranged from the deepest blues to the palest pinks, and all the colors of the rainbow in between. So many different fun whimsical shades that lets you show off your own personality unapologetically.

Another thing was crimping of the hair. Micro small crimping irons were being used by professionals everywhere on stage. They are great for getting your hair to the right texture and lets you create limitless possibilities that might have been harder to create without this unique tool.

Fun texture is easily achieved and it also gives tons of fullness. The micro crimp is so small that from far away you can't even tell its crimped and it almost looks straight until you get up close to it. This year it's okay to play, let your inner child have fun and get creative and surprise yourself.

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