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The Life of a Lash

If you read my previous blog last week you found out that we have between 90-150 natural lashes in each of our eyes. If you haven't read it you can check it out for more info. Many of our lash clients that get eyelash extensions notice the fallout of lashes more frequently than they would otherwise. That is partly because they now have an extension and they are more likely to notice them since there is something attached to it. They can be concerned as to why the lash fell out to begin with. Many people have a misconception that the lashes we are born with are there forever and are never replaced, just lost over time. Just like our hair everywhere else, each hair follicle has to go through the same growth stages. Here are the stages of the life of a lash:

Stage 1- Anagen Phase

During this phase the lash goes through its birth and becomes active inside the hair follicle. It receives its nourishment and nutrients through the papillae and begins to slowly grow. This is the longest phase it will go through and can take anywhere from weeks to months. During this phase it will grow to its full potential and then go to the second phase. This is also referred to as the growth phase.

Stage 2- Catagen Phase

During this phase the lash will go through a transition. The hair club will begin to slowly move toward the pore. The hair bulb and the dermal papillae that nourishes the lash begin to separate from one another. This is the fastest part of the stages and is referred to as the transitional phase.

Stage 3- Telagen Phase

During this phase the hair has already been detached from the root of the follicle. It has already started making its way out towards the epidermis. During the Telagen Phase the lash is resting inside the hair follicle slowly waiting to shed. It can take days or weeks before the lash finally falls out and the cycles begin all over again. Sometimes, however, the lash is still in the Telagen Phase when a new lash begins to grow and can eventually push out the old lash. This is the resting phase of the stages.

As you can see the life of a lash is quite interesting and it can last anywhere from 60-90 days. Each lash can be on a different stage than the one next to it. It is important to keep these stages in mind and help nourish our lashes to aid in their growth during the Anagen Phase. Using a natural lash growth serum can be super beneficial and can help the lashes grow even fuller and longer. We recommend using XtremeLash's Amplifeye, it's a natural growth serum that can also be used on the lower lashes and brows.

As a closing reminder, love your lashes, and just like anything else, take good care of them and they will take care of you ;)

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