Raccoon Eyes: The Horror

Many women experience the horrific results of wearing either an eyeliner or mascara and having it melt down giving them raccoon eyes. It can be midday at work and you step into the bathroom and behold, you magically stepped into a costume and are now a raccoon or bandit. A quick cleanup may do the trick, but how long before it comes off again? Because of this many are plagued between using regular liner or mascara or opting to use the waterproof kind. What exactly are the differences between these products? And how does it affect your skin or lashes? Let’s first address the differences. The packaging is the same, the look can be the same, and even the results can be similar. What makes it wa

Hold The Sugar Please

Many of us are aware that excess amounts of sugar is detrimental to our health. We know if effects us internally, but what about externally, more specifically our skin? Many would be surprised to find out that sugar is a HUGE contributor to our skin health. This is due to a natural occurring process known as glycation. When there is too much sugar in your body, the sugar molecules in your blood system cross-link with the protein molecules and form harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs for short). AGEs is not recognizable to the human body and the body will begin to produce antibodies which cause inflammation to the skin. Any sign of inflammation will cause breako

Do You Know the Difference Between Semi-, Demi-, and Permanent Hair-color?

Hair coloring has become even more popular in the beauty industry and we now have plenty of hair coloring choices. Having a basic understanding of what options are available will help you out in the future to decide which is best for your situation. Semi-permanent color is great for someone who is not wanting to go lighter but wants to add a shine or change the tone or depth of the color without the commitment. This color is mixed with an activator and it only penetrates into the first layer of the hair cuticle and deposits the color there. It slowly fades out after 6 to 8 week after. Demi permanent color is almost exactly the same as Semi permanent as it doesn't typically lift the natur

Electronic Skin That Heals?

I recently read an article about something that I have always thought about before. I always watched the Sifi movies like Terminator and thought how awesome it would be if we could self-heal our wounds. We would be similar versions of Wolverine and literally be indestructible. But this is always a figment of my imagination, or so I thought. The article explains how science at the Israel Institute of Technology has advanced the use of electronic skin. Originally used for flexible sensors in electronic applications, robotics, and prosthetics, this new form will change the game forever. These new types of sensors will allow for prosthetic wearers to actually feel change in their environment. No

Should You Be Exfoliating Your Skin Every Day?

Should you be exfoliating your skin every day? The answer may surprise you. Exfoliating your skin is a very important part of your skin care regimen. You can dramatically improve your skin’s appearance by removing dead skin cells, revealing bright, smooth and glowing skin. Too much exfoliation, however, strips your lipid barrier layer causing more harm than good for your skin. Daily exfoliation can cause: ▪️Destruction of healthy skin cells ▪️Premature aging ▪️Dryness ▪️Dehydration ▪️Flaking ▪️Redness ▪️Inflammation ▪️Increase of hyperpigmentation (brown spots and patches) from the stimulation of melanin activity ▪️Sensitized skin causing it to sting and get irritated easily (d

My Time at the ABS Show 2016

Americas Beauty Show was so exciting this year! I saw a lot of new trends that has everyone inspired and interpreting the ideas by making it their own. One of the coolest things was that everyone seemed to have embodied and embraced a version of owning your individuality and becoming your own superhero. The hair color ranged from the deepest blues to the palest pinks, and all the colors of the rainbow in between. So many different fun whimsical shades that lets you show off your own personality unapologetically. Another thing was crimping of the hair. Micro small crimping irons were being used by professionals everywhere on stage. They are great for getting your hair to the right texture a

The Life of a Lash

If you read my previous blog last week you found out that we have between 90-150 natural lashes in each of our eyes. If you haven't read it you can check it out for more info. Many of our lash clients that get eyelash extensions notice the fallout of lashes more frequently than they would otherwise. That is partly because they now have an extension and they are more likely to notice them since there is something attached to it. They can be concerned as to why the lash fell out to begin with. Many people have a misconception that the lashes we are born with are there forever and are never replaced, just lost over time. Just like our hair everywhere else, each hair follicle has to go through t

The 5 Basic Steps of Skincare, Are You Doing Them Correctly?

CLEANSING Cleansing your skin is the first most important step. Regular cleansing is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy. Cleansing helps maintain proper pore size and helps control excess oil production. Cleansing twice a day, morning and night, is recommended. TONING The second step is toning. Many people overlook this very crucial step. Toning helps to regulate the pH in your skin that cleansers usually disrupt. Maintaining a proper pH is necessary in order for your skin to function at its best. CORRECTIVE SERUMS Next, applying corrective serums help to properly treat and maintain healthy skin. Serums are ingredient deliverers and should always be applied b

Change it up!

With spring right around the corner we start to remember everything we love about the season. The singing birds coming back, the trees beautiful green leaves come back to life, flowers start to bloom and the sun is out for us to enjoy a little longer. We also start to come out of hibernation from the cold winter months. We begin to start enjoying the warmer air doing outdoor activates with friends and family. Changing seasons also inspire change in our hair style. Sometimes we all get stuck in a routine with how we fix our hair. Most of the time its because it's easy and we are used to seeing ourselves look like a certian way every day. Other times we don’t try new things with our hair becau

How Many Lashes Do We Have?

How many lashes do we have on each eye? A. 5 B. 300 C. 70 D. Is this a trick question? It might seem like a silly question but many people aren't quite sure how many they have. I have heard people say anywhere from 20 all the way to 500. If you can imagine it's more complex than counting pedals off a flower. Just like the hair on our head, the number depends on a variety of factors: genetics, nutrition, health, and personal maintenance. So, to answer the question posed above the real number is actually between 90 and 150 natural lashes per eye, if you guessed 'D' you got it right! There is a big difference in the range of lashes found per eye, which is where the factors come into play. For e

How the Sun Sees You

Let's face it, the sun feels good and it's also good for us, but unfortunately too much of it is extremely damaging to our skin. Excess amounts of sun exposure leads to premature aging, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, breaks down the skin's elasticity and worst of all can cause skin cancer. Prevention is key when it comes to sun damage. The effects of sun damage sometimes takes years to fully show up, and although treatable, it is easier to prevent than to treat. Antioxidants are highly effective and essential when combating the signs of sun damage. They play a major role in neutralizing free radicals that are caused by overexposure to the sun's damaging rays. We recommend Antiox-6 Daily, our

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