March 3, 2017

There are many forms of exfoliation be it scrubs, microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion and many more. Exfoliation provides fascinating results and can help improve the appearance of our skin. The best part is that there are countless forms that can even help the most s...

March 25, 2016

Many women experience the horrific results of wearing either an eyeliner or mascara and having it melt down giving them raccoon eyes. It can be midday at work and you step into the bathroom and behold, you magically stepped into a costume and are now a raccoon or bandi...

March 18, 2016

I recently read an article about something that I have always thought about before. I always watched the Sifi movies like Terminator and thought how awesome it would be if we could self-heal our wounds. We would be similar versions of Wolverine and literally be indestr...

March 11, 2016

If you read my previous blog last week you found out that we have between 90-150 natural lashes in each of our eyes. If you haven't read it you can check it out for more info. Many of our lash clients that get eyelash extensions notice the fallout of lashes more freque...

March 4, 2016

How many lashes do we have on each eye?


A. 5

B. 300

C. 70

D. Is this a trick question? 


It might seem like a silly question but many people aren't quite sure how many they have. I have heard people say anywhere from 20 all the way to 500. If you can imagine it's more comp...

December 12, 2015

This Christmas Season came so fast! It is a great time to show the ones you love how much they mean to you. It's a time to reflect on what we have accomplished, and what we strive to conquer the following year. A time to indulge in the cheerfulness of the season and en...

December 11, 2015

Combat Flaky and Dry Scalp by using a good scalp shampoo to get rid of any dead skin and a scalp hydrating treatment. We suggest using the Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treamtent. This is an amazing product that not only helps relieve dryness and irritation, but it also helps...

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The Life of a Lash

March 11, 2016

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